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Radhi Jangla(non-registered)
I first saw Neha work at an event and knew she is someone who takes her job seriously and is very passionate about what she does. It was a pleasure watching her work. She comfortably works the crowds, from family members to friends resulting in the best shots, capturing the smallest of moments. My and my family are glad we went ahead with her services.
Molly & Frank(non-registered)
Neha did a photo shoot with our 18 day old son, and I’m so glad I found her and made the investment. Babies are clearly a subject that she genuinely loves, and she made a potentially stressful shoot fun and relaxed. She had plenty of props and backdrops and ideas for poses all ready when we arrived, taking our style into account. With a newborn — a subject that can’t be trusted to be awake, asleep, or happy at any particular time — her ability to seamlessly move to a shot and outfit that fit the baby’s mood made the shoot successful. And I think we parents look good in the photos too, capturing this special time as a new family. A glance at Neha’s portfolio will tell you she’s a truly talented professional, and I’m confident I could not have found better.
Radhika & Aalekh(non-registered)
We were super comfortable doing our maternity photoshoot with Neha at her studio. She’s professional, creative, efficient & helpful & we were super happy with the amazing shots! It was easy to decide & coordinate everything with her prior to the shoot also. She took the extra effort to make us look great too

Would definitely recommend her for maternity shoots!
Esha & Prashin(non-registered)
Neha is a super talented, versatile and thoroughly professional photographer. She was extremely patient throughout all the wedding functions/parties with not only Prashin and me but family members and friends too, available for any opportunity to click a gorgeous yet natural photo capturing various emotions. She is very affable and brings amazing energy! Working with her has been an absolute pleasure!
Niyoti & Vinay(non-registered)
Neha is a magician. Her photos tell beautiful stories. She is not a photographer who makes you pose for a picture. She just captures you in your best..when you are completely unaware. For a bride, Neha is a dream photographer to have, because she not only makes you feel like the most beautiful person on your D day, but also really makes you look like one in all her photos. I am saying this from first hand experience. You will see her bouncing around the venue, mingling with everyone and making every person feel important. (Just what you need on your big day). She is always bustling with energy that is so contagious. It's refreshing to be around her. I definitely highly recommend Neha Brackstone photography for all your special days!
Vaibhav Jain, USA(non-registered)
If you want a photographer that is not only super talented but also a gem of a human being - ekdum kohinoor diamond quality - Neha is your girl! Warning: She will infiltrate your family's inner circle in no time (just like shahrukh khan in DDLJ) and make you forget that she isn't actually a family member. You may even cry at the end of the wedding because she is leaving.
The quality of her work and her expertise in capturing moments is here for everyone to see. I love how candid her photos are. They always show real emotions, real moments. None of the posy fake looking crap from this pro.
Book her already! It'll be the best decision you've made about the wedding or your baby's shoot or anything that needs to be shot!
Geetu & Manoj Jethwani, Hyderabad(non-registered)
Shoots with Neha have become like momentous events! Now a part of all our celebrations in Hyderabad or Mumbai, she's a dream to work with. Participating with the kids & bringing the best of them during these testing shoots. It's more like play time for the kids & they are laughing more than they do normally, thanks to the life she brings with herself on the set. Love love love all the shots & I personally feel like a movie star coz the pictures always look sooo good
Isha & Aditya Kedia(non-registered)
Doing a photo shoot is very stressful and doing one with 3 boys of different ages could have been a nightmare! But honestly I didn't know where the two hours passed as Neha engaged my boys and me in the things we loved to do best... it was less about the photos and more about capturing my children at their most natural. And the photos speak for themselves, I can see the love, the warmth and hear the giggles as we went through all the moods. Neha thank you for making this so wonderfully easy and giving us memories that will help us capture this moment in our lives perfectly.
Our wedding has been perfectly encapsulated with memories that will last forever, thanks to Neha's wonderful photography skills!

Throughout our journey, Neha captured moments both intimate and grand without ever seeming intrusive. She always had creative ideas of how to best represent a moment, with the photos all turning out beautiful, authentic and real rather than forced. For individual photos, we were always made to feel relaxed and at ease, and our best smiles brought forward and always lots of laughs.

We couldn't imagine having better memories of our special time, so thank you Neha for giving that to us!
In short: Neha has to be one of the (if not THE) best photographers in Mumbai, and I very highly recommend her. If you are reading this and are looking for an excellent photographer, think no more! Neha's work is both extremely personal and professional: she goes to great lengths to capture the best moments and delivers in a very timely fashion.

My family had the absolute pleasure of working with Neha for a wedding. We simply googled "best photographers in Mumbai", shortlisted her name, and contacted her. She was very quick to respond (we were lucky she was available on our dates!) and almost immediately got interested in learning about our family and the couple's love story (aspects of our lives that Neha would argue [and rightfully so] are important to understand before she can begin capturing the most special moments of the functions). Neha was very accommodating and understanding of our situation and various set of requests and absolutely surpassed all of our expectations! We are so very happy with each and every photo she took during the wedding -- and this is exactly what you need to make your most important memories timeless.

Till date, Neha is in touch with my family. We have gained a lifelong friend. And this was certainly inevitable with her infectious smile and her positivity.
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