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Family Photoshoots

stunning, timeless portraits.

Why You Should Choose Neha Basu As Your Family Photographer in Mumbai


Family is the most important thing in life. Precious moments you spend with your newborn, your parents, your spouse, your grandparents, loved ones and your children are what make life worth living.

As they say, time flies. Before you know it - your kids are grown, they're going to school or college or getting married and setting off to have adventures of their own. This is why you should capture special day-to-day moments with your family and loved ones with portraits and photographs that you can cherish forever.

Neha Basu is uniquely skilled at interweaving herself into your family dynamic and making you all super comfortable and happy throughout your portrait shoots. Whether you're celebrating a destination wedding, birthday party photoshoots or excitedly awaiting the birth of your newborn as you go through maternity, Neha knows how to make you shine in front of the camera.

The result - stunning, timeless images of you and your loved ones smiling, playing and cherishing the journey of life together. With more than two decades of experience in the field, Neha can make sure even stressful shoots like photographing children or maternity photoshoots goes off without a hitch.

The rows and rows of testimonials demonstrate how loved Neha is by all of her clients who hire her as their wedding photographer or family photographer in Mumbai and all over the world. When the occasion is as important as a family shoot, you should go with the best family photographer - Neha.

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